Monday Special: 8 Ways to Cultivate Serendipity, Build Blog Products That Sell, Organize and Implement New Business Ideas (en)

On Mondays I try to publish an article where I give you interesting elsewhere published  links or articles I came across last week. Last week I especially noticed these articles:

8 Ways to Cultivate Serendipity in Business and Life ( )

When Facebook acquired Instagram for an unprecedented $1 billion three weeks ago, many pundits chalked it up to luck. Two individuals, though, saw it differently: how can we introduce serendipity into business and life and put it to work? Thor Muller and Lane Becker offer these eight suggestions…

Build Blog Products That Sell 5: Finding Customers ( )

Greg McFarlane of Control Your Cash writes a post from series how to build blog products that sell. 

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“After you’ve created products and made them available for purchase, a radical shift occurs. Whether you realize it or not, you’re now (at least) 51% entrepreneur and (at most) 49% blogger. The set hours that you spend updating and freshening your blog every week are now secondary to your sales efforts. Once you’re committed to creating and selling your product, people will identify you with it, for better or for worse.”

How To Organize and Implement New Business Ideas ( )

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Original article “Managing Your Ideas” by Jamillah Warner which given article refers gives a nice steps how to capture and carry out your business ideas. Main thing is to focus on one thing for a certain amount of time.

“You may have 51 great ideas, but choose one to work on for the next 1-3 months, and then get started. Focusing on a single idea helps get you beyond analysis paralysis.”

Ja kuten aina (in Finnish)

Jos haet päivittäisiä bisnes-vinkkejäni, ne löytyvät Facebook-sivulta!