(English) Monday Special: Robot Quadrotors, 3D Printing Usage Expanding (en)

Every Monday I try to publish an article where I give you interesting elsewhere published  links or articles I came across last week. This Monday I was still a bit mess and sick so this Monday special comes a pair of days late. Last week I especially noticed these articles:

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sUeGC-8dyk)

I wrote a pair of weeks about these Robot Quadrotors and now they are here to perform James Bond theme!

Use Of 3D Printing Expands To New Mediums (http://manhattan.ny1.com/content/ny1_living/technology/156919/use-of-3d-printing-expands-to-new-mediums)

Nice little report on 3D-printing exhibition. I’m more and more sure that 3d-printing is hitting megatrend sooner than later. Sooner is this summer 2012.

MakerBot Industries
Image via Wikipedia

“Believe it or not, everything on display at the Print/3D art exhibit in Manhattan’s Flatiron District was, in fact, printed by a 3D printer like the one from MakerBot Industries.”


Ja kuten aina (in Finnish)

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