(English) Monday Special: Book^2 Camp, Perfectionism, State of Affiliate Marketing in 2012 (en)

Every Monday I try to publish an article where I give you interesting elsewhere published  links or articles I came across last week. Last week I especially noticed these articles:

Book^2 Camp – Deciphering the Future of Book Publishing, eBooks, and Independent Bookstores (http://jeffrutherford.com/book2-camp-deciphering-the-future-of…)

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Jeff Rutherford gives an update on the future of of book publishing as discussed in the Book^2 event.

“While the people in the room are intimately familiar with digital affiliate programs whether via Amazon or Indiebound, etc. and make purchasing decisions accordingly, many consumers and book buyers aren’t aware of the impact of buying a title from Amazon vs. an independent.”

So true!

Is Perfectionism Stalling Your Productivity? (http://www.problogger.net/archives/2012/02/10/is-perfectionism-stalling-your-productivity/)

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Darren Rowse gives an insight on the idea of the web: you can update your posts.

“Finally, happy(ish!) your cursor hovers over the Publish button … but you just can’t press it. You decide to give it some time, and come back tomorrow, when you know you’ll end up rewriting the whole thing from scratch using the same ‘process.'”

Not everything needs to be ready on the first run!

The State of Affiliate Marketing in 2012 (http://kaiserthesage.com/affiliate-marketing-2012/)

The Google Search Plus will affect the affiliate marketing hard. SEO will be harder than ever…

Ja kuten aina (in Finnish)

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